Change processes

The dynamics of a team fascinate Juditha. In a change process she will engage employees their management to become the team they can be, that reflects the individual creativity and expertise. Authenticity, breaking through routines and actual change of behaviour will be the result. Letting each other shine in the limelight as well as in the background, at the right moment, on the path to success.

Mentoring as a change process

Mentoring is an effective way to implement diversity and to support the careers of (upcoming) talent and potential for the organization. The mentoring course needs to be linked to the strategic goals of the organization; it is a good way to accomplish a change of culture. Mentoring has an effect on mentors, often male supervisors, too.  They become personally involved in and get a better understanding of the problems that employees are confronted with; they become more aware of the culture within the organization.
The mentoring course enables the organization to change the rules of the game. It’s a two edged sword. Mentors become more aware of what leadership is and the process has built them up. The felt pleased with the oportunity to share their knowledge and to acquire knowledge of a new generation of talented people.

Juditha will act as moderator and , working with other partners, sets up diversity programmes in order to introduce female talent to the higher management levels.

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