Individual Coaching & programmes

If coaching is limited to talking, you’re missing out on the other 50%. In a one-to-one approach we not only focus on the rational, but also the emotional level and what lies beneath. What (unwanted) physical responses do you evoke? While training and reflecting on past experiences in your work practice you will be confronted with surprising insights.
The behaviour and communication you encounter is not always what it seems. How do you unravel this and what behavioral interventions (verbally or non-verbally) are at your disposal? Without saying a word you can present your position if your timing is good. Everyone has his or her own unique presence that can be utilized and expanded.

Directors, Managers

Being a manager you feel the need for a partner who can help you to reflect, on matters, to confront you and to philosophise with. Someone who triggers you to come to new insights.

Individual Programmes for Employees

After an intake meeting with the employee and an interview with the manager we will decide on what to cover and what the results will have to be.  During the programme there will be moments for evaluation and feedback with the employee and the manager. On top of that the interaction between employee and  manager and the influence on the company results will be discussed and explored. Some time after the programme there will be a check-up with the employee  in which the new skills will be reinforced. 

Coaching for  Trainee Managers and Facilitators in Organizations

How do you shape your role and identify your non-verbal impact on others, broaden behavioral interventions, how do you handle group dynamics? Not only in the role of manager but also in a presentation for large groups, in interviews for television, and other media. How do you achieve the required goals and get the message across?

Foreign Project Managers and Employees

Working in the Netherlands has its own challenges and you have to know your way around concerning personal leadership and communication with others in a different cultural setting.

Career matters

Energy, a fresh view, defining the possibilities and making choices. Alow chance play a role! How do I get more energy and inspiration? I would like to change, how can I use my talents and find new opportunities without changing jobs or following courses?

The questionnaire of the MBTI can be utilized and I am certified for that.

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