Its time to act!

And that is exactly what you do. You act for your employees to get plans realized, you act for your organization to get your ideas approved, you use your presence to get your words across. Every situation has its own stage and setting and your role is different every time. Not by putting on an act, but by being authentic in flexible interaction with others.
Juditha is able to make the connection between the rules of the theater on one side and the interaction within organizations and the mechanisms of change on the other. She has more than twenty years of experience in working with organizations and studies in drama and sociology. And mind you, change … has changed!

Change processes

The dynamics of a team fascinate Juditha. In a change process she will engage employees their management to become the team they can be, that reflects the individual creativity and expertise. Authenticity, breaking through routines and actual change of behaviour will be the result. Letting each other shine in the limelight as well as in the background, at the right moment, on the path to success. Read on...

Individual Coaching & Programmes

If coaching is limited to talking, you’re missing out on the other 50%. In a one-to-one approach we not only focus on the rational, but also the emotional level and what lies beneath. What (unwanted) physical responses do you evoke? While training and reflecting on past experiences in your work practice you will be confronted with surprising insights. Read on...

Lectures & Presentations

Organizations may flourish if they become more aware of the things that are left unspoken, of what motivates people, of what is essential. Taking position, putting up rules and regulations, a large part of the mechanisms of communication happen non-verbally and unconsciously. Juditha interacts directly with her audience, in a surprising and intense way.  She confronts and creates a setting in which you will instantly experience the effects of non-verbal behaviour and how it affects organizations. 

Training courses & Workshops

During training courses and workshops intensive work is done to understand and enhance non-verbal behaviour concerning different aspects of the professional practice. Theories from the organizational world, but also drama principles are the key. Next to existing training courses and workshops,  customized ones are possible.

Juditha Melssen MSc
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