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Organizations may flourish if they become more aware of the things that are left unspoken, of what motivates people, of what is essential. Taking position, putting up rules and regulations, a large part of the mechanisms of communication happen non-verbally and unconsciously. Often non-verbal behaviour determines things like influence, status, security, creativity, responsibility and initiative. Expert knowledge on these unvoiced processes will generate time, creativity and profit for changing organizations.

Juditha interacts directly with her audience, in a surprising and intense way.  She confronts and creates a setting in which you will instantly experience the effects of non-verbal behaviour and how it affects organizations. 

How does your physical presence influence others and what is their response? What do others infer from your behaviour? Do you signal where you fall out of character, become insincere? How do these mechanisms work for teams, how do you create change? Can stage direction be influenced?

Juditha is affiliated with speakers agency ZijSpreekt and can be booked for lectures

Juditha Melssen MSc
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