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PETER PAUL KERPEL, SIOO Managing Director 

Juditha always looks broader than just the person and takes the context in to account. As an organisation expert this matches with SIOO. Continously questioning the why and whatfor and she makes the a connection with the person, business and organisational development.. You respresent an institution and go beyond the trick.
As a person she encourages people to take a step further than they think they're capable of and takes them out of their comfort zone.

TON BRUINING, KPC Managing Consultant 

Juditha is an inspiring person and I know from HD advice and training. She's someone who thinks out of the box.

ANNIE TUMMERS, Executive Director Department of Law at Faculty of Law, Economics and Governance, University Utrecht

Juditha is in among the troups, has guts, takes an interest in people and she has a scala of approaches. Our success is the fellowship that keeps us creating creating something new.


Abroad, my appearance as sales person is important. In the training I mainly learned how to keep a conversation good, how to have presence and to level with the other party. Then the conversation has a positive effect on the sale. Juditha is a senior consultant with mountains of experience, well balanced and eager to attack complex problems with practical solutions that wórk.

Juditha Melssen MSc
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Het Hoogeland Museumlaan 2, 3581HK Utrecht
T +31-302871441 M +31-647126180
e-mail: info@judithamelssen.nl

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