Training courses and Workshops

During training courses and workshops intensive work is done to understand and enhance non-verbal behaviour concerning different aspects of the professional practice. 
The programmes are based on looking into the dynamics of learning individually as well as within the organization. They provide a better understanding  of what takes place underneath the surface in the emotional world of yourself as well as others in order to become more effective in one’s role.
Theories from the organizational world, but also drama principles are the key. Next to existing training courses and workshops,  customized ones are possible.

Personal Leadership

Take a leap in the development of your leadership. Experience situations and experiment with your role. You learn about change while undergoing change. 

Goal-oriented programme:

  • Develop or reinforce self-confidence
  • Develop interpersonal and management skills to guide and shape at a personal level
  • Develop your own management style. Learn effective dialogue, refresh your views and enhance your strong points
  • Receive intensive, individual feedback and coaching
  • Refresh your energy and learn how to move people to key positions and targets 
  • Develop a personal leadership course that inspires and ensures flexibility

Workshop Presence: Power and Flexibility in Communication

This workshop is about presenting yourself in a mindful and authentic way so that you will achieve your goals. This can be done via different roles: those of manager, team member or colleague. The workshop is also about your ability to deepen relations and  broaden behaviour intervention; by means of voice, attitude and body language you will communicate more significantly.
What type of (unintended) physical responses do you elicit? In what way and with what message do you invite others to change and/or act? We will study flexibility and the ability to open the discussion on issues that matter with the aim to be more efficient and effective.

Career Workshops

  • How do I acquire more energy and inspiration from my work?
  • How can I use my talents and take on a new role?
  • How can I innovate and create a social network that works for you?

The Workshop ‘Fresh, Fit and Flexible’

Fresh: Refresh yourself, give a new impulse to your work-related activities. 
Fit: Stay fit, use your energy smartly, keep it sound and in good shape.
Flexible: Be versatile in your communications.


Serendipity is the find (discovery) not looked for. The word you come across in the dictionary while looking for another one. Opening yourself to such coincidences via the principle of bisociation will enable you to look at problems differently and develop new creativity.
Bisociating means connecting matters that seemingly have nothing at all to do with each other. Our brain will suddenly see that connection while it cannot accept the fact that two observations are not  related.

In a Serendipity Game we explore new ways to tackle problems, answer questions on leadership and considering what the future has in store for you.

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